Introduction to Anti-Bribery

Approximate time: 30 minutes

Anti money

Bribery covers a wide range of activities that typically involves exchanging anything of value for an improper advantage or benefit. Bribery has many serious consequences. It can harm a company’s reputation and financial standing, and diminish public trust. In some cases, it can also carry fines and even criminal prosecution.

This eLearning course will introduce you to anti-bribery. You will explore the definition of bribery and red flags to help identify bribery risks, as well as strategies to prevent, detect, and report bribery. You will be provided with interactive scenarios and questions to help improve your understanding of anti-bribery.

  • Explain the importance of bribery risk and anti-bribery measures
  • Implement strategies to prevent, detect and report bribery
  • Recognize bribery red flags


Senior talent management consultant

Parool Mehta

Senior Talent Management Consultant

This is a nicely designed module that teaches the basics of creating an inclusive workplace where diversity is valued and equity is sought after. The visuals are creative yet impactful. The section on psychological safety is an important element in creating inclusive workplaces. Anyone who takes this course will walk away having learned about the value of DEI.

Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:


Clair Kim

Clair Kim 

Principal Consultant / Founder

“Unconscious bias is not the easiest concept to digest. As e-learning and instructional design experts, Artha Learning delivers the concept in a very digestible, concise, and practical way. I’d highly recommend this course if you’re looking for a short-and-sweet learning experience applicable to all employees.” 

Introduction to Unconscious Bias:

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