Exploring Microbehaviors and their Impact

Approximate time: 30 minutes

Microbehaviors comprise

Microbehaviors comprise verbal and non-verbal messages we send and receive when we interact with others, which can have a positive or negative impact. While microinequities demean or marginalize the recipient, microaffirmations are acknowledgments of another person’s value.

In this eLearning module, we will explore microbehaviors and their types, consider the different themes of microaggressions, and summarize their impact on the workplace through scenarios and reflective situations.


  • Define microbehaviors and its two types: microinequities and microaffirmations.
  • Describe microaggressions and what they are versus what they aren’t.
  • Describe the 10 themes from which microaggressions emerge.
  • Recognize common examples of microinequities in the workplace and their inclusive alternatives.
  • Summarize the impact of microinequities.
  • Recognize ways to avoid microinequities.


Senior talent management consultant

Parool Mehta

Senior Talent Management Consultant

This is a nicely designed module that teaches the basics of creating an inclusive workplace where diversity is valued and equity is sought after. The visuals are creative yet impactful. The section on psychological safety is an important element in creating inclusive workplaces. Anyone who takes this course will walk away having learned about the value of DEI.

Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:


Clair Kim

Clair Kim 

Principal Consultant / Founder

“Unconscious bias is not the easiest concept to digest. As e-learning and instructional design experts, Artha Learning delivers the concept in a very digestible, concise, and practical way. I’d highly recommend this course if you’re looking for a short-and-sweet learning experience applicable to all employees.” 

Introduction to Unconscious Bias:

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