Promoting a Culture of Effective Meetings

Approximate time: 30 minutes

Effective Meetings

Promoting a Culture of Effective Meetings” is a comprehensive course designed to empower individuals to conduct and participate in meetings that are focused, efficient, and outcome-driven. The course delves into the principles of objective-focused meetings, teaching participants to create powerful agendas, select relevant participants, and address common meeting challenges. 

This course emphasizes the importance of effective meeting facilitation and active participation, providing strategies for respecting time and logistical constraints. Post-meeting actions are also addressed, ensuring every meeting’s outcomes align with its initial objectives, thereby optimizing the value of every meeting in your organization.


  • Run effective meetings that are objective and outcome based.
  • Be an active participant that facilitates the objectives of a meeting.
  • Increase the value of the meeting’s outcomes.
  • Respect time and logistical constraints of a meeting.


Senior talent management consultant

Parool Mehta

Senior Talent Management Consultant

This is a nicely designed module that teaches the basics of creating an inclusive workplace where diversity is valued and equity is sought after. The visuals are creative yet impactful. The section on psychological safety is an important element in creating inclusive workplaces. Anyone who takes this course will walk away having learned about the value of DEI.

Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:


Clair Kim

Clair Kim 

Principal Consultant / Founder

“Unconscious bias is not the easiest concept to digest. As e-learning and instructional design experts, Artha Learning delivers the concept in a very digestible, concise, and practical way. I’d highly recommend this course if you’re looking for a short-and-sweet learning experience applicable to all employees.” 

Introduction to Unconscious Bias:

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